Ford Falcon EL XR6 Review

When Tickford joined forces with Ford Australia in the early 1990’s to create the EB XR6 and XR8 Falcon’s, in my opinion it was a return to form for the company.  For nine long years a V8 engine wasn’t offered in the Falcon range, leaving many Ford enthusiasts unsatisfied.  As a ten year old, I... Continue Reading →

Noble M12 GTO-3R

I’ve always had a fascination with lightweight sports cars, particularly ones built in low volumes by lesser known car manufacturers.  British car designer and engineer Lee Noble founded Noble in 1999.  He has been engineering, building and racing his own cars for decades with a focus on lightweight cars with powerful engines.  One of his... Continue Reading →

Maserati 250F and Stirling Moss

It’s always a highlight going to the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix to watch the Historic Demonstration.  Watching some of the great ex-Formula One cars, sportscars and Le Mans racers make their way around the Melbourne Grand Prix circuit is always memorable for me.  In my opinion, the sights and sounds of these cars far... Continue Reading →

Lotus Exige S Review

It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to drive a Lotus and I recently achieved this dream after being handed the keys to a Series 2 Lotus Exige S for a day.  I’ve always admired Lotus founder Colin Chapman’s passion for building lightweight cars, believing that weight is the enemy of performance.  It’s amazing to... Continue Reading →

Ford Escort RS Cosworth

The Ford Escort RS Cosworth was a rally homologation special built to qualify for the Group A World Rally Championship.  From 1992-1996, it was available as a road car and featured a Cosworth tuned engine with coach building by Karmann.  It was powered by a 2.0 litre 16 valve 4 cylinder turbocharged engine.  Early examples... Continue Reading →

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