Lakeside Park

Recently, I visited Lakeside Park in Queensland for the first time.  The track opened in 1961 and is one of Australia's most favourite and classic circuits.  It's situated 30 kilometres north of Brisbane and cuts through grassland along the shores of Lake Kurwongbah. The circuit has hosted rounds of the Australian touring car championship, GT... Continue Reading →

Best driving roads in Victoria

There are some great driving roads in Victoria that I've managed to sample. On a recent outing, I was lucky enough to drive on some of my old favourites in the Yarra Ranges including the Reefton Spur, Lake Mountain Road, the Black Spur, Healesville-Kinglake Road and Myers Creek Road. Below is a more detailed description of... Continue Reading →

BMW M3 E36 Review

The second generation BMW M3 was in many ways different to its predecessor, the homologation special E30 M3 built to conquer touring car racing around the world.  Gone were the flared guards, wings and high revving 4 cylinder engine, replaced with a more subtle looking car with a naturally aspirated 3.0 litre 6 cylinder engine producing... Continue Reading →

Driving Frustrations

Don't get me wrong, I love cars and driving but there are some things that really annoy and frustrate me on the roads.  There are the obvious ones like talking or texting on your mobile while driving, but below is a list of other things that I've observed with particular reference to driving in Victoria:... Continue Reading →

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